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Michelle Obama 'Outraged' over Nigeria Kidnapped Girls
VOA News - May 10, 2014
President Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama says she and her husband are "outraged" at the kidnapping of more than 300 school girls in Nigeria.  The first lady stepped in for the president, who usually delivers the weekly broadcast address to the nation, also p[ublished on the Internet.

One day before Americans celebrate Mothers' Day, Mrs. Obama expressed empathy for the parents of the 276 girls who are still missing.  

"In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters," the first lady said. "We see their hopes and their dreams, and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now."

The first lady also spoke out against the Boko Haram terrorist group which kidnapped the girls.  Its leader has said the group intends to sell the girls into slavery.

"This unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education -- grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls," she said.

The United States and other countries have sent teams of technical experts to help the Nigerian government in its search effort.

"And I want you to know that Barack has directed our government to do everything possible to support the Nigerian government's efforts to find these girls and bring them home," the first lady said.

Nigeria's government has been sharply criticized for its inability to rescue the girls, almost a month after they were taken.  But a Nigerian army spokesman, General Chris Olukolade, says it has been a difficult job.

"Some of the information given has turned out, in many occasions, to be misleading and to be exhausting of the search teams," said Olukolade. "Neverless, this will not discourage the collaborative efforts that are ongoing."

Rescuing the girls unharmed is the main challenge, according to the director general of the Nigeria Orientation Agency, Mike Omeha.

"The essence of rescue is not to kill everybody, but to bring people alive, and so it takes time, if you want to rescue somebody, even if you know where he is, so that you go in and get him out safe and in one piece," said Obama.

Boko Haram, which wants to impose Islamic Sharia law on Nigeria, has killed more than 1,500 people this year.